How do I add a prospecting activity?

From the home screen in the app, tap on PROSPECTING. Tap the ADD PROSPECTING blue bar. Scroll through the list of prospecting activities and tap on the one you want. Enter the date of the activity and the number of activities you did. Tap SAVE at the top of the screen to save the information. You will see the new activity on the list in date order. You receive more points for higher-priority activities that generate better quality leads.

Why do certain prospecting activities earn more points than others?

You receive more points for high priority prospecting activities because they generate better quality leads. To improve your time management and get better results, focus your efforts on the activities that generate more points.

Some of my prospecting activities aren’t listed on the prospecting drop-down list. How do I add them?

If you perform an activity that is not on the list, use the “Other Prospecting Activity” option at the bottom of the list. We are always looking for more suggestions to add to the list. If you have suggestions, please email them to [email protected].