How do you calculate my list-to-sell ratio?

From the home screen, click on the MORE tab. Select PERFORMANCE HISTORY to see your list-to-sell ratio at the top of the screen. This ratio is automatically calculated based on all of your closed seller listings from the current year. It is the ratio of the final sale price compared to original list price. This ratio indicates whether your listings sell for above or below your list price.

How do I use the information on the Performance History screen to analyze my business?

The PERFORMANCE HISTORY screen shows your how your business is broken down into four areas: sellers, buyers, outgoing referrals and leases. You can see your close ratios for contracts in each of these areas, as well as the average commission you earn on a transaction in each area. To get the best work-life balance and earn the most money, most of your business should come from sellers. You can easily compare how much you earn on a transaction in each area. If you have been cutting your commissions, it will be clearly identified on this screen. At a quick glance you can see where your business is coming from and the most lucrative parts of your business. Your goal is to continuously improve your ratios in this section of the app.